About The Show 

The aim of our podcasts is to introduce you to key people across our industry and for them to share their ideas, best practice or personal stories. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and so the podcasts are often entertaining as well as insightful.

I hope by hearing from people at the top of their game in all the key disciplines that exist in contact centres that you'll feel the podcast is a great resource to learn from, be inspired by and engage with.

GOOW has developed into a heart-warming community thanks to all the great guests we have featured so far.

So please join in, you will be made most welcome. And if you’d like to feature on our podcast or recommend a guest, get in touch!

Contact Centre Chat

Your Host

I’m Martin Teasdale and I’ve worked in the call centre / contact centre industry for over 26 years. I started my career on the phones and 'Get out of Wrap' was something that I used to hear supervisors shouting when there were customers in the queue. The expression has stuck with me - hence the name of the podcast.

Over the years I have enjoyed many roles in both the UK and abroad and now work full time at BPA Quality the industry's leaders on all things quality monitoring in the industry - I know my stuff but you're not here to hear from me.

As you can see from a lot of the images the podcast has bought me a lot of joy. It’s great to chat to so many experts who are genuinely warm, open and helpful people.

I have a great family around me (my youngest daughter Mia was the very first guest on the podcast - see episode 1) and being a Dad & soon to be husband is the role I am most proud of and the one that brings me the most happiness. (Playing football just behind that..

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