Buying a t-shirt is one way to support gender equality as it gives funds too Fawcett and in a small way raises awareness but there are many better ways us men can be better allies in the pursuit of gender equality.

1.    Find out what your MP is doing about gender equality.
If you use you can find your MP and it takes a couple of minutes only to write to them– our representatives have the power to make positive changes if we show them it is a cause to be concerned about.

2.    Listen to women.
Perhaps the first step toward becoming a more effective ally is listening to women. While each person has a unique life experience and perspective, listening to them is critical to understand their needs and wants.

3.    Reflect on your own privilege as a man
Ask yourself how various factors affect your experience. Use your power to create spaces for all people, including those with different identities and sexual orientations, to feel safe and supported.

4.    Credit the women in your workplace when credit is due.
We know that women still are under-represented in the workforce especially at higher levels. When its possible and warranted support and suggest women for key projects and roles. Correct people if women are missed from praise for work done.

5.    Step up when you hear sexist language and call other men out.
Step in and ask the person who says the inappropriate jokes why they should not be supported. Explain that these jokes have real world implications and are harmful stereotypes.

6.    Learn to be uncomfortable – being an ally is about making change and not being comfortable.
When you have certain privileges in life, it can feel uncomfortable to share them with others. However, it’s also important to remember that being an ally isn’t about being an advocate for one’s own sexual orientation or gender identity.

7.    Step up at home and be an equal partner in housework & don’t ask for thanks for doing it.
It’s important that men and women share the unpaid care work that they do. It can make a huge difference in the quality of life for both of you. There’s also a lot of work to be done in order to create an equal partnership at home.

8.    Volunteer
Give your time and resources to support groups that have values that promote gender equality, ending discrimination, and reducing male violence. There are many ways to support these organizations, such as funding them.